Information for authors. Review rules

General Requirements to the Manuscripts

  • Starinnaya muzyka  accepts for publication scholarly articles on early music and the problems of its performance.
  • The authors transfer to the publisher of the journal the rights to publish their manuscripts free of charge and on the basis of a non-exclusive license. At the same time, the authors guarantee that the manuscripts are their original works, do not contain incorrect borrowings and that previously these papers were not officially transferred to anyone for publication in print or electronic form.
  • All submissions should be made online via e-mail ( Please, ensure that you only submit Microsoft Word files with left-aligned text, font "Times New Roman", 12 or 14 pt, single or 1.5-line spacing throughout. For emphasing some elements of the text, it is allowed to use italics and bold font. Text underlining and defusing are undesirable.
  • The quantity of symbols in the text of the paper is to be from 20 to 30 thousand, including spaces and bibliographical references; the quantity of music examples and illustrations is not to exceed 8. Works that go beyond the specified volume are considered as an exception.
  • Illustrations, including tables, diagrams and musical examples, must be provided as separate files in tiff or jpg formats in Greyscale mode with a resolution from 300 to 600 dpi. The design of bibliographic references comply with requirements  of GOST R 7.0.5. – 2008.
  • Authors should provide brief information about themselves: full name, home address, contact phone number and e-mail, place of work and position, academic degree, academic title, surname and initials in English transliteration, as well as keywords and brief article abstracts in Russian and English (on average 300–500 symbols).
  • The editorial board within 10 days must inform the author about the receipt of his article.

Review rules

  • Submitted manuscripts are delivered to the Editor-in-Chief for initial screening. The time for consideration is up to 30 days. The manuscript may be rejected without reviewing in the following cases: the paper does not fit the journal’s scope; insufficient or exceeded volume; lack of abstract, or keywords; non-compliance with the rules of text formatting; as well as plagiarism or incorrect borrowing. Should the article be rejected after initial screening, a notice will be sent to the authors in writing.
  • After submission, all materials must be sent for review to the acknowledged experts within the same field of research.
  • Reviewing is carried out anonymously by two independent experts (double-blind peer review process). Experts can be members of the Editorial Board. Reviews are stored by the publisher and by the Editorial Board within the next 5 years.
  • The reviewers make a recommendation to the Editorial Board whether the manuscript should be rejected or accepted (with or without revisions). The Editorial Board considers all the feedback from peer reviewers and makes an informed decision to accept or reject the manuscript.
  • The time for reviewing is up to 30 days.
  • In case of a negative review, the manuscript is rejected and the Editorial Board delivers to the authors of the submitted manuscript a reasoned refusal.
  • In the case of major revisions required, the revised manuscript is to be sent to the same experts for a second round of peer review.
  • After the positive decision, the Author(s) and the Publisher sign a licensing agreement..
  • The review copies must be delivered to the authors of the submitted manuscript, and to the Highest Certifying Commission of the  Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon its request.