№ 1 (75) 2017

Natalia Naumova (Kazan). Stepeni v muzyke v universitetakh Kembridzha i Oksforda (vtoraya polovina 15 – nachalo 17 veka) / Degrees in music at Cambridge and Oxford universities from the second half of the 15th century until the early 17th century

The article deals with the degrees in music, established in the second half of the 15th century by the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. The paper discusses the circumstances of obtaining the first degrees of Doctor and Bachelor of music in Cambridge, changes in the requirements for candidates in the period from 1462 to 1636, the correspondence of these requirements to the content of the music discipline at the university. A list of Bachelors and Doctors of music of Cambridge and Oxford (1462-1636) is attaches. It contains names of many famous English musicians.

Key words: Bachelor of music; Doctor of music; Cambridge; Oxford; English sacred music.


Yulia Moskvina (Moscow). Iz istorii Shtutgartskoj pridvornoj Kapelly / From history of the Stuttgart court chapel

The article deals with the history of Stuttgart court chapel in the 16th century and the early 17th century. The features of German court music in 16 century are considered. Some brief biographies of the most important composers and other musicians of the chapel are represented. Special attention was paid to musicians of Hoyoul and Froberger families.

Key words: Stuttgart court chapel; court music; Sigmund Hemmel; Ludwig Daser; Balduin Hoyoul; Leonhard Lechner; Basilius Froberger; Lucas Osiander.


Ivan Romanov (Izhevsk). Johann Sebastian Bach i Johann Gottfried Walther: iz istorii tvorcheskogo vzaimodejstviya / Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Gottfried Walther: some details of their relations

The article describes various aspects of the creative connections of Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Gottfried Walther. The question of degree of relationship of Bach and Walter and history of their acquaintance and friendship are discussed. The author consider that Bach became that great composer whom we know him also thanks to creative connections with Walther.

Key words: J. S. Bach; J. G. Walther; canon; organ transcription; concerto; choral prelude; «Musicalisches Lexicon».


Alexei Panov, Ivan Rozanoff (St Petersburg). Fenomenologia vs kontseptualizatsia: o terminosisteme istoricheski-informirovannogo ispolnitelstva / Phenomenology vs conceptualization: about terminosystem of historically informed performance practice

The presented article is devoted to the problem associated with the lack of a unified terminosystem in the field of Early Music. A mass of examples with erroneous interpretations of historical documents due to insufficiencies of modern musicological terminology can be found. In conclusion it is stated that the question concerns not solely the academic matters but also is of an important practical significance, because acquiring admittedly misleading instructions the performers proceed from historically informed – to historically misinformed interpretations.

Key words: Baroque; historically informed performance practice; terminology; historical musicology; interpretation of Baroque music.


Natalia Braginskaya (St Petersburg). «Exegi monumentum…», ili Stravinsky v dialoge s Gesualdo / «Exegi monumentum…», or Stravinsky in a dialog with Gesualdo

The article represents one of the late works by Igor Stravinsky – his instrumental arrangement of three madrigals of Gesualdo di Venosa (1960) as a product of paradoxical adaptation of features and principles typical for seconda prattica madrigal style by the XX century composer.

Key words: Gesualdo; Stravinsky; madrigal; Monumentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa; instrumentation; recomposing.